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Dubai Land


A development of extraordinary vision, Dubailand is conceived on a phenomenal scale. It will be the most ambitious tourism, leisure and entertainment destination ever created, and home to some of the world’s premier and unique attractions.

Spanning three billion square feet between Dubai International Airport and the newly proposed Jebel Ali Airport, Dubailand will comprise 45 distinct projects consisting of six themed worlds; each meticulously planned to create a varied tourist destination of epic proportions.

At full bloom, the Dh18 billion plus 'Dubailand' project will encompass over 45 leisure, entertainment and tourist facilities. The initial spadework on the project site, which will eventually cover 3 billion square feet, has already started on the Emirates Ring Road. Dubailand has been designed to appeal to the widest tourist segments across genders, age groups, world regions and activity preferences. It is expected to employ 300,000 people and attract 200,000 visitors a day. Dubailand will incorporate a critical mass of attractions, an endless mix of day and night activities and a variety of accommodations to encourage longer visits and overnight stays.

Dubailand is the latest in a series of successfully executed projects which have confirmed Dubai’s position as a global commercial hub, with central access to a neighboring region of 1.5 billion people and a combined GDP of USD 1.1 trillion. Arguably the Emirates boldest project to date, Dubailand is being developed in a country that has demonstrated time and again its capability to conceptualize and implement large-scale projects successfully


Of the five theme worlds that will form Dubailand, the 'Attraction and Experience World' is expected to be the largest at a cost of around Dh 6.8 billion. This component will feature 14 projects including theme parks, water parks, roller coasters, and adventure. Its emphasis is on the themed offerings targeted at a broader international and regional audience. It will spread over 145 million square feet:

In terms of scale, this will be followed by the 'Eco Tourism World' - billed as offering desert life with the ultimate luxury, with a projected investment of Dh4.2 billion. Its vast number of exquisite and unique offerings will span over 806 million square feet and will encourage long stays and repeat visits.
The 'Themed Leisure and Vacation World' is a relaxing world of spas, health and well-being retreats designed to respond to the growing international demand for ultimate relaxation and total body wellness. Offering unique and creative concepts, visitors will have a chance to experience faraway locales without leaving Dubailand.

The 'Sports and Outdoor World' which will feature 5 projects, has already won commitments from local investors to put up world-class sporting facilities including rugby, cricket and other extreme sport activities. Overall investments into this component of Dubailand could be in excess of Dh2.5 billion:

The 'Retail and Entertainment World' will sit on 45 million square feet of land. Consisting of 5 exciting projects, housing the Mall of Arabia as well as other exciting retail shopping venues and the virtual game world that is a futuristic centre for interactive computer based and virtual reality games, this area is a sure crowd pleaser.

And on a six million square feet area, the 'Downtown' concept will feature a mix of retail, commercial and entertainment avenues. The projected investment will be Dh2.2 billion and will feature The Mall of Arabia, The Restless Planet and Wadi Walk. This is a solid opportunity for investors, with the in-depth research and analysis on which the project's concept and development is based.

At Downtown, the heart of this unprecedented development, the City of Arabia will set the standard in urban development. Comprising key feature developments, this vibrant community will attract tourists from around the world and will be an exclusive home to Dubai's growing population. Some of the most exciting features of City of Arabia are:-

Restless Planet and other Theme Parks:

This is a place where no man has gone before, back to prehistoric times amid a collection of themed rides and natural exhibits so real you'll think you're living amongst the dinosaurs. Combining good science and thrilling entertainment, the Restless Planet provides accurate and authoritative knowledge of the Jurassic Age. The surrounding theme parks are filled with exiting rides, family fun and entertainment.

Mall of Arabia

More than just a mall, it's a unique lifestyle experience in 19 million square feet with its vast ancient Middle Eastern exterior housing, the best of international fashion brands, and a state-of-the-art stage for theatrical performances, a 15-screen cinema, bowling alley, and world class spa.

Imaging jumping into a water taxi just outside your door and being transported, via the canal all the way inside the mall!

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