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The Windsor Residence Apartments

Living Legends

The power of imagination. The gift of vision. The audacity to think the impossible. The temerity to push boundaries.

That’s the spirit of Living Legends.

Where history is being made. And where the entire world will flock to celebrate one of the most ambitious projects that this region has ever seen.

The Legends Theme Park Resort is an international destination with a fascinating mix of fantasy and ethnic appeal. A major leisure hub with a range of attractions that would cast its spell over all its visitors.

Living Legends is a huge investment opportunity, strategically located in the midst of Dubai ‘s new commercial, residential and recreational district, Dubailand. The Legends Theme Park Resort represents a unique collection of international standard Theme Parks with corresponding theme hotels, 500 individual first class villas, golf course, residential apartments, business and commercial components, and leisure facilities.

Legends aim to satisfy the entertainment needs of Dubai’s burgeoning tourism sector and will be a torchbearer for the entire world. Legends will be Dubai’s leading tourist destination with an appeal that will span across the globe. In fact, Living Legends is poised to become the favored leisure hub for local, regional and international visitors.

Legends of Arabia is a world-class theme park destination, which will showcase a wide range of the newest, first-time rides and attractions in the region. The theme park will be the first to be housed in a climate controlled environment through a centerpiece designed tent that will cover almost 60% of the theme park grounds.

Legends of Arabia bring together the fantasies and fables of an ancient world. Tales of the City, Tales of the Sea, Tales of the Desert, Tales of Adventure & Travel, Tales of the Future, all promise an unrivalled rollercoaster ride through a magical era. A fun family place that’s full of exhilarating experiences.

Arabian Themed Hotel


Visitors can soak in the ultimate Arabian fantasy. The five star hotels are designed to reflect the Theme park Arabic fantasy experience. A throwback to an ancient era with courtyards, water features, shaded areas, landscaping, swimming pool and terracing.

Legends of Nature is a tribute to the forces of our amazing natural world. It highlights the relationship of mankind with nature from time immemorial. Visitors can literally go on a safari drive into a prehistoric era where they can visit the world of T-Rex or can go on ajoumey that recreates the intensity of the Amazonian floods. And if that’s not exciting enough, visitors can visit the precipice of the Victoria Falls. Legends of Nature take us closer to an exciting world that’s full of surprises. Legends of Nature will feature:



Water Park, Aquarium, Marine Environment, Rainforest, Dm0 Valley and Iceberg City-all designed to appeal to all ages of the family.

Caribbean Hotel
The best of calypso charm. Located adjacent to Legends of Nature, the Caribbean Hotel is in a landscaped setting, surrounded by lakes with scenic views.

Legends of the World will showcase attractions inspired by legendary stories, world events and other wonders in a simulated environment.

Legends of the World unravels the mysteries of the places on this world and beyond. The Big Bang, Wax Museum, Loch Ness, Gladiator Coliseum, Forces of nature, World Travel, Dracula, Space Travel, Aliens and Mummies, Atlantis-a pulsating journey of amazing facts and inventive fiction that will hold everybody in thrall. Enjoy discovering new facets of worlds that you hardly knew about.

Medieval Themed Hotel

Legends of the World, has the Medieval Castle as its Themed Hotel. Built as a replica of a European Castle, it will have grand theatrical architecture characterized by towers, turrets, inner courtyards and a portcullis entry over a moat.

The Legends Tower Hotel and Convention Center

Located in the iconic 50 storey tower, the seven star Legends Tower Hotel and Convention Centre will dramatically reflect the overall Legends image as a major resort destination for entertainment.

Leisure Village

A unique retail-leisure destination, Leisure Village offers a selection of specialty retail- leisure and dining offerings.

Visitors will be torn between choices. From shopping in a themed shopping area to dining in a multi-cuisine environment, deciding which movie to watch in a multiplex movie theatre to relaxing with karaoke and jazz.

At Leisure Village, there’s something for everybody. A relaxed ambience is the perfect backdrop against which visitors can browse through specialty shops, boutiques, and novelty stores. Children and the young at heart can play simulated games in snazzy video arcades, or if their heart desires, can go bowling.

The Leisure Village has been designed to give visitors a complete fun experience in one venue

Golfing Legends

A glittering addition to Dubai ‘s reputation as a golfing destination-Golfing Legends.

The worlds most legendary golfing experiences in one place. Take the pick of the best nine holes in the world; put them together in one place and you have a golfing experience that just cannot be compared. A timeless classic layout that challenges and thrills golfers of all abilities with its tree-lined fairways and tightly bunkered green complexes. An imposing clubhouse with magnificent locker rooms, with casual and fine dining underneath a starry sky, and a comfortable lounge to relax after a game, completes the pretty picture.

An elegant 120 room Golf Hotel will play host to visitors from all over the world. And an excellent Golf Academy will help visitors improve their handicap.



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